Thursday, 26 August 2010

Creating Heaven on Earth

I believe everyone wants to be happy, but what constitutes happiness is as varied as there are people. I'm reminded of a programme I once watched on television where this hypnotherapist was trying to help people lose weight. He asked members of the audience to visualise things that disgust them. One woman visualised a banana. I can imagine there are millions of people who beg to differ. That was a perfect demonstration of one man's meat (heaven) being another's poison (hell).

Speaking of which, a new bike hire scheme came into effect in London recently where people can hire bicycles. The scheme was introduced by Boris Johnson, the current Mayor of London, who is a huge fan of cycling. I reckon if he had his way, he would have all Londoners cycling. You could say, this scheme is Boris' idea of heaven on earth.

I believe having a vision of your idea of heaven on earth is one thing, but manifesting it is another. Boris' scheme would never have have come into effect if he didn't have the necessary support. First of all, he had to be voted in as Mayor of London. Then his policy had to be approved by the government and various departments that would be affected by the scheme. I'm sure there were lots of debates about it and people opposing the idea but it was put through. The scheme also needed financial backing. Last, but not least, the scheme needs support from Londoners. If cyclists are not willing to participate in the scheme, it will not work.

I believe heaven on earth is the art of experiencing my own unique vision of happiness in physical form and as my life experiences in the here and now. The Improviser, my True Self, is my support and partner. Without the Improviser, my vision will be another government policy that sounds good on paper but never comes into effect.

Thank you, Improviser, for creating heaven on earth in every moment.


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