Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Addicted to Peace

"The Universe does not have laws. It has habits. And habits can be broken." Tom Robbins
I believe the source of the human dream is not love but drama.

I also believe one reason why people keep reincarnating is because they're addicted to drama. According to one drama belief, our souls need drama so they can learn and grow from those experiences. The bigger the drama, the higher your soul is likely to evolve. Apparently, some souls even make agreements with other souls to create the necessary drama to help wake them up.

When I first "woke up" to my Soul, I realised that my Soul's purpose is pure and simple: to express Her joy. There are no lessons to learn, no drama to act out, only infinite joy to be experienced in limitless forms.

Just because I was now aware of my nature as limitless joy didn't dissolve the drama. The drama has been so deeply ingrained in the human collective consciousness that it keeps playing out even when you don't want to play anymore.

How do I get rid of the drama?

See and know only Peace in body, thoughts and affairs. Be addicted to Peace.

What do I mean by "Peace"?

I'm referring to the Divine Peace that erases all experiences that are dependent on drama.

I believe when politicians talk about peace negotiations that would end wars, they are not referring to Divine Peace. Right now, Great Britain could be described as a peaceful nation, as there are no wars, yet there is no Peace. Why? Because the foundation of the System is based on drama.

In fact, a lot of people's livelihoods are dependent on drama. If there were no dramas on earth there would be no need for activists, advertisers, armed forces, businessmen, charity workers, complementary therapists, doctors, economists, emergency services, engineers, funeral directors, government workers, healers, insurance companies, journalists, lawyers, meteorologists, philanthropists, politicians, psychiatrists, psychics, repairers, religious/spiritual teachers, scientists, social workers, etc. Even creative types that are usually inspired by drama such as actors, artists, dancers, designers, filmmakers, musicians, photographers, and writers will have to find new kinds of inspiration.

Because the System would cease to exist without drama, it keeps humans addicted to drama. That's why I believe it's up to each individual to free themselves from the drama as only each individual knows when they're truly ready for that dramatic transformation (excuse the pun) that occurs when you're no longer operating from drama.

As I was browsing on the computer yesterday evening, I started losing vision in one eye signifying a symptom of a migraine. I told my mother how I was feeling and I was going to lie down and meditate. While I was lying down, I asked myself why the migraine keeps coming back even when I've dissolved it time and time again with Love. I realised it must be part of my own drama that keeps replaying itself. So I reminded myself that there's nothing wrong with me and that I'm in Peace and Peace dissolves all drama. My vision cleared. When the headache started, I continued to repeat Peace and it dissolved the headache.

My mother came to check up on me to see how I was and I told her I was fine and I just wanted to be left alone. I ended up having an early night and spent part of it in meditation.

When I got up this morning I felt period pain. Here we go again, another drama! Again I repeated to myself that I am Peace and Peace erases all drama. The period pain was dissolved. As I walked to the bus stop, I continued to think of Peace. I even silently blessed people I met on the way with Peace.

I'm addicted to Peace and only Peace.
Peace wipes out all drama.


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